NPH or Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

So my mother in law might have what’s called NPH or Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus which is basically water/spinal fluid on the brain. It can lead to many health issues, such as imbalance, incontinence, memory loss. I have enclosed a link with more information on the subject. Please if you notice any signs like these with a loved one no matter their age have them checked by their Dr. to rule out the possibility. We will find out for sure sometime around the 27th of January when we go see the Neurologist and they do a spinal tap. Please read the link I included for more information on the subject. Thanks and God Bless.

Second Life: Relationships In Hyper Speed

The Thought Refuse

Anyone familiar with the game Second Life will agree that it is equally part intriguing and equally part mind numbing.  On one hand, Second Life exists as an endless journey of the imagination, where whatever the mind can fathom, can be created with enough hard work and patience.  Yet, on the converse side, and for a large majority of Second Life inhabitants, it is a glorified internet dating chat room.  It is this relationship aspect of Second Life that is it’s greatest and worst characteristic.

Consider the following facts:

  1. The average Second Life intimate relationship lasts, on average, two months.
  2. The average time between Second Life relationships is two to three weeks.
  3. 90% of rebound relationships outside of Second Life fail.

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Just Another Day

Well it’s just another day, not much to do. My boyfriends sister niece and her boyfriend left after a weekend visit. We got a new washer and dryer… Oh wow its so quiet I just remembered I have clothes in there.. LoL… Well have to go check the laundry, and start the dishwasher then maybe make those steaks that have been calling me all weekend. 

Will post more pics of my favorite SL model.. Me.. LoL…. Once I am done editing them. This next set should be good. I so need some new models… LoL!! Guess that would mean more time spent in SL on a regular basis huh? I included a pic before editing just to give you a sneak peek.Image

LadyDiamond Modeling

LadyDiamond Modeling

I am Modeling two items by designer Precious Restless ( Boudoir is her store name.) The Photo shows me in “Spring Fairy-Gardener Needed 1.2”.

I am my own Photographer. LadyDiamond Destiny

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